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The xeffects overlay has reached its end-of-life [1]

The Gentoo xeffects project is an effort to keep up with bleeding edge eye candy projects. It consists of a moderated wiki that covers topics such as installing compiz-fusion (newly merged compiz and Beryl), XGL, and other programs, and also, an overlay, which keeps up-to-date ebuilds of previously mentioned programs. This provides Gentoo users an easy way of installing these experimental programs.

The overlay can be installed two ways - via layman, and manually.

Important: If you use the xeffects overlay and something breaks, please do NOT file bugs on In the case of bugs (which you may encounter), we will close your bugs as invalid until you did an "emerge -e world" after removing the xeffects overlay. For complete details regarding this, please see the following important NOTICE.

Checking Out the xeffects Overlay

There are two available methods for obtaining the required overlay; you can either checkout the files yourself manually using the SVN tool, or use the layman utility to handle overlay management for you. Layman makes updating easier, but ultimately the decision is yours, and the result is the same.

Default: Checkout using Layman

The xeffects overlay is required for custom Beryl, Compiz, XGL, and AIGLX ebuilds. See Layman Installation Information, Gentoo Docs for more information.

layman -a xeffects
Note: xeffects is dead! It has been ported over to desktop-effects
Note: When running Layman 1.0.7 or later, it may be necessary to run each command with the -k switch to ensure it will recognize the xeffects overlay.

Alternate: Manual Checkout

If you wish to maintain the overlay yourself, perform the following:

First, change to your overlay directory:

# cd /usr/local/portage

Then, use SVN to checkout the repository to the subdirectory "xeffects".

# svn co svn:// xeffects

Now you have a portage overlay tree under /usr/local/portage/xeffects.

Add this path to your PORTDIR_OVERLAY:

File: /etc/make.conf
PORTDIR_OVERLAY="/usr/local/portage /usr/local/portage/xeffects"


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