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This consists of three steps.


Install IE6

Use wine-0.9.15 or newer and use the fantastic ie4linux script. See [link]

Install VB6 runtime scripts

Use IE to go to and search for the latest 'visual basic runtime' installed. At the time of writing it is VBrun6SP5.exe. Install that with wine. Do everything with WINEPREFIX="~/.ies4linux/ie6"

Install Flash >= 6

As the newest flash dll probably is broken with Packet Tracer, head to and get an older version. Unpack it, and register the flash.ocx.

WINEPREFIX="~/.ies4linux/ie6" wine ~/FP6_archive/r79/fp_6.0.79_activex.exe

SwiffPlayer for debugging

As flash is problematic, install

Install Packet Tracer

WINEPREFIX="~/.ies4linux/ie6" wine PacketTracer32Academy_setup.exe

Run it

WINEPREFIX="~/.ies4linux/ie6" wine ~/.ies4linux/ie6/drive_c/Program\ Files/Packet\ Tracer\ 3.2/PacketTracer3.exe

Gongratulation! It's a bit slow, it took about 5 minutes to start on P4/2400 with no acceleration.

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