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A few starting notes: The gigabit-card in the current iMac-model (iMac7.1) is not supported on the 2007.0 LiveCD, as the kernel is too old, so I used SystemRescueCD to perform the installation. SystemRescueCd is based on Gentoo, so the differences to a normal Gentoo LiveCD are minimal.

1. First run the Boot Camp Assistant, and add a new partition (Must be big enough for all the partitions you intent to use in Gentoo. I.e. root-partition and swap-partition)

2. Install the latest version of rEFIt.

3. Boot using the Gentoo LiveCD (Holding down the C-key during boot).

4. Use the program 'parted' on the LiveCD to delete the windows-partition generated by Boot Camp Assistant, and add the root-partition and the swap partition in its place). Parted can even create the filesystems on the partitions if you use the right options. Remember to only use primary partitions, extended partitions cannot be used!

5. Install Gentoo as you normally would, following the gentoo installation handbook.

6. Install grub onto the root-partition (I.e. /dev/sda4), and NOT the bootsector (/dev/sda)

UPDATED: I have now put my .config-file up on my website

OLD: I have the .config-file for a working kernel (2.6.24) lying around somewhere, so contact me on martin <at> linuxnerds <dot> net if you would like to take a look at it, or feel that i have left any questions unanswered.

Good luck!

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