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This document covers installing POVRAY and PVM-POVRAY (for a cluster) on a Gentoo system. Please see for information on using the PVM-POVRAY cluster.

Installing POVRAY and PVM-POVRAY

You will be installing the packages media-gfx/povray and sys-cluster/pvm-povray which depend on media-libs/tiff (which you may already have installed) and sys-cluster/pvm respectively. Start with:

export PVMROOT=/usr/share/pvm3

This is definitely needed after merging sys-cluster/pvm, but can be set before. It will tell PVM (which will be used in the compilation of pvm-povray) where to find its utilities, such as aimk. Then type:

ln -s /usr/share/pvm3/lib/aimk /bin/aimk

This doesn't point to anything yet, but again will be needed after sys-cluster/pvm is set up.

If you desire to add X and/or SVGA support to POVRAY, add the following lines to your /etc/portage/package.use:

media-gfx/povray X svga
sys-cluster/pvm-povray X svga

Now type:

emerge -Duvat povray pvm-povray

You will get something like:

Code: Emerge Output
[ebuild  N    ] media-gfx/povray-3.6.1-r1  -X -svga 8,007 kB
[ebuild  N    ]  media-libs/tiff-3.7.3  1,242 kB
[ebuild  N    ] sys-cluster/pvm-povray-3.1g  -X -svga 1,856 kB
[ebuild  N    ]  sys-cluster/pvm-3.4.5-r2  +crypt 956 kB

Type y or yes and press [Enter]. The compiling will take a while, but then you're done!

As a note, the added TIFF support (media-libs/tiff) may cause other TIFF-capable packages to want to add the tiff USE flag the next time you do an update with the --newuse or -N flags. For example, media-libs/imlib2 or www-clients/links.


While merging sys-cluster/pvm-povray you may see either

 * Checking for $PVMROOT...
 * Please set your $PVMROOT correctly, it is now empty.
 * The $PVMROOT variable should point to your PVM
 * installation's root
 * Example $PVMROOT : /usr/pvm3/ or /opt/pvm3/


 * Checking for $PVMROOT...
 * Can not execute /opt/lib/aimk.
 * Make sure your $PVMROOT is set correctly
 * Example $PVMROOT : /usr/pvm3/ or /opt/pvm3/

You simply need to tell PVM where to find it's utilities via the PVMROOT environment variable. Just type:

export PVMROOT=/usr/share/pvm3
emerge -DuvatN pvm-povray povray

You may also see the error

>>> Install pvm-povray-3.1g into /var/tmp/portage/pvm-povray-3.1g/image/ category sys-cluster
/usr/portage/sys-cluster/pvm-povray/pvm-povray-3.1g.ebuild: line 122: aimk: command not found

To fix this, create a symbolic link to aimk and put it somewhere in your path, such as /bin.

ln -s /usr/share/pvm3/lib/aimk /bin/aimk
emerge -Duvat pvm-povray povray

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