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This guide is intended to walk through setting up a Qmail based email server. The server will support pop3, imap, webmail, spam filtering, configuration interface, virtualhosts, and much more.. This guide was written based on Bill's qmail toaster with modifications for gentoo installation.

When installation is complete you will have a full email server up and running. For a webmail client I have decided to use RoundCube. This client is very simple to use and has a nice user interface. We will setup the server data directories in a single base dir for easy backups.


Here we will begin to install the required software for our mail server.

Modifications to /etc/make.conf

Open /etc/make.conf and add the following use options if they do not already exist to the USE= line. If you have no USE= line manually add it.

File: /etc/make.conf
USE="mysql innodb vchkpw vpopmail berkdb"

Install Qmail

Install the qmail client. This will also install all other required software such as daemontools and ucspi-tcp.

emerge qmail
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