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What is Freepops?

Freepops is a program to be able to access different e-mail services that don't offer POP3 access, like Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail, through a POP3 mail client such as Thunderbird, Kmail, mutt, etc.


You need the latest version for Hotmail to work, so :

echo "net-mail/freepops" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
emerge freepops

and if you want the documentation ...

USE="doc" emerge freepops

This should install FreePOPs

Warning: The doc USE flag is no longer supported as of versions 0.9.8-r1 and onwards.


Configuration file is /etc/freepops/config.lua you can edit it to your like-ing. Also, Make sure you add it to your default run level

rc-update add freepopsd default
/etc/init.d/freepopsd start

Now for your email client, point to port 2000. For "username" type in the email address e.g. "" and your password. You're all set.

Updating plugins for Freepops

To update the plugins run this command from comman line


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