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This howto has been tested with the following browsers:

I really think people who use Mozilla or older versions of Firefox probably will find this howto very useful, too.

Finally, if you don't mind about not having RealPlayer10Gold integrated with your browser and you only want to use it in a stand-alone way, there are no requirements at all!


Verify your certificates have been updated. If not your RealPlayer download will fail:

# emerge ca-certificates

Now start the RealPlayer installation:

Note: I had to manually download the realplayer-*.rpm and place it in /usr/portage/distfiles. Then I emerged realplayer. (Please remove this when it has been fixed). --Dirk R. Gently 15:06, 14 April 2007 (UTC)
# echo "media-video/realplayer nsplugin" >> /etc/portage/package.use
# emerge -av realplayer

To verify everything if plugins have been installed correctly you have to type "about:plugins" in the (firefox) address bar; scroll the list of installed plugins: you should see something like this:

Code: about:plugins
Helix DNA Plugin: RealPlayer G2 Plug-In Compatible

    File name:
    Helix DNA Plugin: RealPlayer G2 Plug-In Compatible version built with gcc 3.2.0 on Jul 18 2006

MIME Type 	Description 	Suffixes 	Enabled
audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin 	RealPlayer Plugin Metafile 	rpm 	Yes

For Firefox 1.0.6 and Prior

You'll need to create links to the plugins in /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins:

# cd /usr/lib/nsbrowser/plugins
# ln -s /opt/RealPlayer/mozilla/
# ln -s /opt/RealPlayer/mozilla/nphelix.xpt

RTSP and PNM Protocols Support

All internet addresses which begin with rtsp:// or pnm:// are to be opened via RealPlayer. Let's tell our browser to do so.

We have to create (only if doesn't exist yet) a file called user.js in the user's Firefox directory and add some lines. It is located at ~/.mozilla/firefox/<random>.default/user.js. Please don't touch prefs.js.

File: ~/.mozilla/firefox/<random>.default/user.js
user_pref("network.protocol-handler.external.rtsp", true);
user_pref("", "/usr/bin/realplay");
user_pref("network.protocol-handler.external.pnm", true);
user_pref("", "/usr/bin/realplay");

Konqueror integration

If you want to get Konqueror browser integration, create the following file as root /usr/share/applnk/Multimedia/realplayer.desktop:

File: /usr/share/applnk/Multimedia/realplayer.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Version 0.5
Comment[de]=Version 0.5
Comment[sv]=Version 0.5
GenericName[de]=Ein auf xine basierender Media Player

You can create other MIME handlers in this directory, to achieve for example, realplayer to handle real audio and video, and kaffeine to play other media types.


Streaming Fix for Mozilla

If you cannot get RealPlayer to play audio on sites such as, and you are running KDE (hence the arts sound system), then you should edit file /usr/bin/realplay:

File: /usr/bin/realplay

Search for the following line:


and change it to:

aoss $REALPLAYBIN "$@"

Note: if you do not have installed aoss or the sound does not work even after the change mentioned above, you are very probably missing an OSS compatibility layer in ALSA. Check out whether the alsa-oss package is installed.

Firefox Cannot Find the Plug-in

Even if your installation is successful some sites (Czech TV) complain with a message box: Could not find an appropriate hxplay or realplay in the system path to use as an embedded player.

This can be fixed (workarounded) by linking the RealPlayer into /usr:

# cd /usr
# ln -s /opt/RealPlayer/ realplay

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