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HOWTO Set a timeout for DHCPCD

Simply open /etc/conf.d/net in your favourite editor, and add (or edit) the following line accordingly:

dhcpcd_DEVICE="-t SECONDS"

Where DEVICE is the network device applicable, and SECONDS is the timeout you wish to apply to DHCPCD upon its execution during the automatic network configuration on boot.

According to /etc/conf.d/net.examples of 2005.1, the file /etc/dhclients.conf is required for this to work, and so far remains untested. This configuration has however been confirmed functional without dhclients.conf in 2005.0.

     Note: This works without any /etc/dhclients.conf in a 2006.1 install.
     Important: No spaces on both sides of the equal sign ("=")!
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