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Warning: You must use OSS if you wish to record from frame-grabber recorders, in this case use the OSS instructions below. Otherwise, you should use ALSA.

To use ALSA, first make sure you have ALSA configured and the audio output unmuted. Refer to the Gentoo ALSA documentation. As stated in that manual, there are two ways to get ALSA running: drivers built in the kernel, and by emerging alsa-driver. For standard hardware, build the modules in the kernel. If you encounter any problems with your soundcard, build separate modules, but keep in mind that you have to re-emerge alsa-driver after a kernel update.

The default configuration is to use /dev/dsp and /dev/mixer, as suggested by MythTV. With this configuration MythTV will use the OSS emulation. To fix this, go to "Settings", "General", and on the "Audio configuration" page, set the "Audio output device" to "ALSA:default" (note there are no spaces around the colon) and the mixer to "ALSA:default". These options are to be typed into the fields, they are not mentioned in the drop-down boxes.

Alternative: Using Open Sound System (OSS)

If you would rather (or have to) use the deprecated Open Sound System (OSS) instead of ALSA, you will have to enable the oss USE flag for media-tv/mythtv.

echo "media-tv/mythtv oss" >> /etc/portage/package.use

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