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The Basics

This HOWTO is designed to provide you with a fully working MythTV setup built from a Subversion repository. This is what is often termed a live SVN install. Subversion is similar to CVS and is it used by the MythTV development team to collaborate their efforts. The MythTV SVN repository can be found by following the links at the MythTV wiki page. Please familiarise yourself with the MythTV wiki since it is a treasure chest of useful information with the general setup and usage of MythTV.

A warning to beginners

Because of the very nature of using source code written only minutes ago as may occur with any subversion repository, the resulting software may not function as you expect, or possibly not at all! Following this guide may totally destroy your perfectly functional MythTV setup! Fortunately, there is a very real possibility that you will always be able to uninstall the SVN version and reinstall the version you were running previously. There is however one very important thing to note. A newer version of MythTV like the SVN version will almost definitely change your database where all your programmes and videos are kept, rendering them UNUSABLE when you try to reinstall the older package. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

A note to the everyone else

This guide is not intended as an install from the ground up, merely a run through of how to get SVN ebuilds installed and how to use them, including some new USE flags.

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