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After having a lot of trouble getting this to work I figured I would add an article here.

This guide assumes that you have MythTVbackend, mysql, and samba installed and working. It also assumes that you have an xbox running XBMC. If you do not have all of those functioning correctly you will not be able to correctly setup XBMCMythTV.

Creating the Samba Share

1. Modify your /etc/samba/smb.conf to add a MythTV share.

 # PLEASE NOTE, setting 'security = share', may not be very secure. 
 # If you are worried about security I highly recommend 
 # reading more on 'security = share' before setting this.
   security = share
   comment = TV 
   path = /var/video
   public = yes 
   read only = yes 
   writable = no
   browseable = yes

2. Restart Samba, this can be done using the following command '/etc/init.d/samba restart'


There is a change in the way MySQL does password hashing on versions >= 4.1. If your version falls into this category you will need to execute the following two queries (please update the query as necessary to fit your conditions):

 UPDATE mysql.user SET password=OLD_PASSWORD('mythtv') WHERE user='mythtv' AND host='someip';

Installing and Configuring XBMCMythTV

1. Download the latest version of XBMCMythTV from there sourceforge page:

2. Unpack the downloaded files into a folder called 'xbmcmythtv'.

3. Copy 'xbmcmythtv' over to your Xbox and place them in XBMC/Scripts/.

4. In XBMC run the copied over script. You will probably receive a connection error message, this is okay since we have not yet configured the script, simply push 'OK'.

5. The following are things you may need to change in the XBMCMythTV Config:

 Myth TV -> Primary Host IP/Name
 MySQL   -> MySQL Host IP/Name
 MySQL   -> Database Name
 MySQL   -> User
 MySQL   -> Password
 Paths   -> Recorded Show Prefix
 Paths   -> Live TV Prefix

**For more information on each configure setting see #3 here:

6. Once you have your options set correctly, click the 'Save' tab on the left side.

7. Once you have click 'Save' you are ready to use XBMCMythTV, click the back button ('B') on the XBox remote. You should now be at the XBMCMythTV home screen. More information about how to use XBMCMythTV can be found on there sourceforge page.

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