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No-IP is a great way to set up a dynamic DNS. It's almost like having your own static domain name. Here is a quick and easy way set your own dynamic ip with a no-ip update server on your gentoo machine. After setting up your account and installing the No-IP update daemon you can access any internet services you want to run and not have to worry when your ISP changes your IP every so often.

What Will Be Covered In This Howto

Setting up a No-IP account & Update Daemon

Go to and sign up for your free account.

Now set up how ever many hosts you want (up to 5 for the free account) It should only take a minute or so. Once this is done, you are ready to install the daemon

emerge noip-updater


noip2 -C #The font makes it hard to tell, but that's an upper-case "C"
Now fill in the infomation it asks you for and you're good to go. You have now successfully created the configuration file. You will not need to change anything unless you add or change any of the hosts you create.

Finishing Touches

rc-update add noip default
/etc/init.d/noip start

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