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The old speedtouch ebuild uses a modem_run program from SourceForge to initialize, load the firmware, and monitor the line status of the Speedtouch ADSL modem, and is suitable for kernels 2.4 and 2.6 (including potentially >=2.6.10, although there may be a conflict with the kernel driver and modem_run both trying to perform the task of loading the firmware).

Kernel 2.6.10 introduced an improved speedtch (sic) kernel module which, with udev, is capable of replacing the functionality of modem_run.

The old modem_run user-space implementation is more mature. However, the kernel-space implementation should have better latency, and is the current and future solution.

The ebuild to automate the setup, using the new baselayout, is now in portage as speedtouch-usb, so the obsolete majority of this wiki entry has been removed. It supports PPPoATM and PPPoE via USB, but not an Ethernet cable. It does not use any files in /etc/ppp/peers/. To complete its setup, it is essential to read the README file.

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