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Installing the game

The setup of the game will require twice the space of the final installation, simply because the installer copies the data to a temporary location before putting it in the final destination. Allow around 6 GB for the entire game. Allow between 1 and 2 GB in your ~/.ut2004 for the cache of the game, as maps will download here. Small maps are around 1.5 MB; big ones are more than 20 MB.

Note: You must also have your 3D graphic card drivers installed. See Wiki How-to on how to setup either Nvidia or ATI drivers that can fit your computer hardware.
  1. Open a root shell.
  2. Make sure you have your install media handy. CD's or DVD will do just fine.

Notice that the 6 CD edition of the game requires you to be able to mount/unmount the CDs during installation.

  1. as root type the following comand and follow the prompts:
    # emerge ut2004

Make sure you are in the games group:

# gpasswd -a your_username_here games
If you have an amd64 Gentoo installation, emerge should have automagically put the correct executable on your system. To check, type
file /opt/ut2004/System/ucc-bin
and it will tell you if it's 64 bit or not.
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