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Dijjer is free P2P software that dramatically reduces the bandwidth needed to host large files.

The purpose of this HOWTO is to explain how to use dijjer to download package file for portage.

Install and Start Dijjer

To install dijjer, just merge into your system by running

emerge -a dijjer

and then start it:

/etc/init.d/dijjer start

It's highly recommended that you start Dijjer at boot to maximize efficiency:

rc-update add dijjer default

Configuring Portage

In /etc/make.conf, add as your first mirror. It is recommended that everyone uses the same mirror, as Dijjer will differentiate between files from one mirror and the other while they might be the same. It is therefore recommended to use the default Gentoo distfiles server at by adding the following as your first mirror: A sample GENTOO_MIRRORS line in /etc/make.conf could be:

File: /etc/make.conf

And that's it... next time you install a package, you'll save the mirror some bandwidth.

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