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Gentoo ebuild for verlihub

Now you can find gentoo ebuild on layman of Gentoo; the CVS ebuild was based on work made by luc vlaming and bonki. For Portage users there are 2 possible ways: via layman or subversion (layman uses subversion but it's easier than svn)

Setting up the overlay

Layman (Recommended)

To add ebuild to your portage tree type you need to install layman first:

echo "app-portage/layman" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
emerge layman

Now retrieve the overlay list:

layman -L 

Then add verlihub overlay

layman -a verlihub

Now you need to modify your /etc/make.conf file, add this line:



First we need to install the Subversion:

emerge subversion

Now we'll checkout the overlay:

mkdir -p /usr/local/overlays
svn co /usr/local/overlays/verlihub

Now add the overlay into make.conf file:


Using the ebuilds


To install verlihub just type

emerge -av verlihub

To download a specific version or CVS date, unmask the version you want typing:

echo "=net-p2p/verlihub-0.9.8d_pAAAAMMDD" > /etc/portage/package.keywords


emerge -av =net-p2p/verlihub-0.9.8c_pAAMMDD

for CVS

emerge -av =net-p2p/verlihub-0.9.8d_rc1

for relased versions.


You can install plugins merging each ebuilds:

emerge -av lua50 chatroom replacer

or adding flags to verlihub ebuild

 echo "net-p2p/verlihub lua50 chatroom replacer perl floodprot" > /etc/portage/package.use

Report Bugs

Please report all bugs to

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