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Well.. how to deal with fonts? its pretty easy.. Basically, you have to install the fonts first, somewhere to your liking. The default gentoo location is somewhere inside /usr/share/fonts .

So we assume you have MyUberFont2k3.ttf.. then you want it installed so it works everywhere? No problem!

Installing fonts

# emerge --ask terminus-font intlfonts freefonts cronyx-fonts corefonts

If you have your own fonts - from a Windows installation on another hard drive, for example - you can add them too:

# export MYFONTS="OSX" # change to suit your purpose
# mkdir /usr/share/fonts/$MYFONTS
# cp /path/fonts/to/be/installed/* /usr/share/fonts/$MYFONTS
# unset MYFONTS

Installing a Font Server

# emerge --ask xfs
# /etc/init.d/xfs start
# rc-update add xfs default

Open /etc/X11/fs/config in your favorite editor.

Now add /usr/share/fonts/$MYFONTS to the list of font directories. Afterwards:

# ttmkfdir > fonts.scale
# mkfontdir

To make changes take effect, start/restart xfs and you should be able to use the new fonts once the font directories are cached:

# /etc/init.d/xfs restart


Gnome and KDE are slightly different. Both support antialiasing, though it has to be set in different places. For Gnome you set it in the gnome-control-center. For KDE you set it in kcontrol.


In Gnome, simply run gnome-control-center and look under fonts to select the fonts you wish to use.

Note: Gnome-2.20.* (may have started at 2.18 ??) has changed to System > Preferences > Appearance then Fonts tab.


Open kcontrol and go to appearance/fonts. Then you can change fonts.

Hint: Disable hinting, as it looks horrible in KDE apps.

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