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In this HOWTO we will focus on Open Source Software that can enhance productivity in a corporate/small business environment. We will also look at Microsoft alternatives, remembering that there are options for running Microsoft products under Linux (e.g., Wine, Crossover, etc).

Other topics include data sharing, file versioning, and distributed work.

Office Programs

Office clients

Open office 2.0

emerge openoffice-bin

should do the trick... If you are getting the wrong version and/or openoffice 2.0 is still marked as stable

echo app-office/openoffice-bin ~x86 >> /etc/portage/package.keywords

Problem Solved.


Gnome office

Server side

PDF Tools

emerge acroread for adobe acrobat reader, emerge pdfedit for editing pdf file



emerge efax-gtk for faxing your documents in gui. before you can use efax-gtk, you must configure your modem first

versioning filesystem [1]

this is an userspace filesytem that use fuse

it's goal is to keep different version of a file as a wiki does

Network Services


here we will present network services such as databases or Nfs,samba...


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