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Overview of etc-proposals (gtk2)
Overview of etc-proposals (gtk2)
List of changes in a file
List of changes in a file
Display changes in detail to accept or discard
Display changes in detail to accept or discard
Accept all changes in a file
Accept all changes in a file
Display all accepted changes
Display all accepted changes



etc-proposals is a tool which helps you to merge configuration files like etc-update - but more comfortable. etc-proposals gives you a readline-, a Gtk2- or a Qt4-frontend to handle merging configuration files. Currently (version 1.4_rc1) the Gtk2 frontend is the frontend with the most features, with the readline frontend providing a clean, simple and robust solution even when there is only a commandline available.


To install etc-proposals you need to add the sunrise-overlay to your portage tree, until etc-proposals will get into the main tree. After adding the overlay by layman, type

emerge -av etc-proposals

to install.


Gtk2 (version 1.3)/Qt4 frontend usage

Display changes

To display changes in configuration files you simply have to click on "Filesystem". You will find a list of files with changes. Select a file for a detailed view of the changes.

Accept or discard a change

To display a specific change, click on it in the list of changes to a file. Now you can select "Use" to accept a change or "Zap" to discard it. If you want to merge all changes in one file, you may rightclick on it in the tree view.

Trivial changes

The second section "Type" displays trivial changes like white space or version headers. It also has a group containing all the updates to files that have not been modified by the user.

Final saving

To save the changes you have to click the "accept" button in the toolbar. You may want to see an overview of all accepted and discarded changes before final merging. The third section displays an overview of all changes and all files, where your decisions are still missing.

Gtk2 (version 1.4) frontend usage

The Gtk2 frontend of the upcoming 1.4 version features many new possibilities. (TODO: Provide documentation on version 1.4 Gtk2 frontend)


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