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Let multiple users work on 1 pc is possible with several solutions:


Non simultaneous (only one user at one time)

Logout and relogin as different user is really annoying, so instead we just start an additional instance of X for the next user and we won't need to logout. The drawback is however, simultaneous work is not possible.

GNOME / gdm configuration for multiple sessions

I use gdm to start up 2 logins on vt7 and vt8. Just need to add an extra server in the [servers] section of the gdm config file

File: /etc/X11/gdm/gdm.conf
# These are the standard servers.  You can add as many you want here
# and they will always be started.  Each line must start with a unique
# number and that will be the display number of that server.  Usually just
# the 0 server is used.
1=Standard     # add this to start the 2nd login

KDE / kdm for multiple sessions

File: /usr/kde/3.5/share/config/kdm/kdmrc
# List of permanent displays. Displays with a hostname are foreign. A display
# class may be specified separated by an underscore.
# Default is ":0"
# List of on-demand displays. See StaticServers for syntax.
# Default is ""

StaticServers are available on startup, while ReserveServers are only available on request. To request a reserved server, use K-Menu -> Switch User -> Start New Session.

KDE and artsd

If you encounter troubles with artsd (sound) not working for multiple users logged in, upgrade to a recent version of KDE. Version 3.5 should work.


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