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This howto explains how to install and turn on oidentd

1- emerge oidentd

Code: emerge -uav oidentd

2- setup your /etc/conf.d/oidentd file (for this example the user will be johndoe, but you can set this up for watever you want :)

Code: nano /etc/conf.d/oidentd
File: /etc/conf.d/oidentd
# oidentd start-up options
OPTIONS="-r johndoe"

3- configure your router if you're behind NAT

You will need to route the port 113 to your computer through your router and you will need to open the 113 port as UDP for trigger and TCP for public (for specific informations check your router's help manual)

4- Start oidentd

Code: /etc/init.d/oidentd start
* Starting oidentd ...         [ ok ]

5 Add it to boot level

Code: rc-update add oidentd default
* oidentd added to runlevel default

Note: Some IRC servers cached your hostname. In that case, it may take a moment for your identd response to work.

That's it =)

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