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Some of you may have the need to run Microsoft Virtual PC images on linux machine. If you install VMware workstation or VMplayer for linux you will find out that there is no option, like in windows, to run .vhd image. This short tutorial shows a way how to do it.

What is needed?

1) VMware workstation or VMware server (server is free) for windows (for the conversion process)
2) VMplayer for linux to run the image

How to do it

For preparation of the image you need to have windows VMware workstation or VMware server (server is free) on windows box. You need to import the .vhd image (under file/import). Use the default settings offered by the program. After the conversion is done run the converted image (not the .vhd file!). After the guest is loaded, for example in windows you are waiting at the login window, make a snapshot of your image. Then suspend your image and close the windows vmware workstation application.

Completing the process

Take all your files from the directory where you have saved them from import and transfer them to your gentoo. Then run your vmplayer in linux select the correct .vmx file and you are set to go.

note: Vmware has relased as migration tool for free (windows only), but it did not work correctly and images were not read. The tool is called "Conversion Tool" and is still in beta version.

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