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This guide describes how to graph temperature, fan speeds and power voltage information available on most motherboards. The application that makes this possible is lm_sensors.


To be able to display sensors information on a webpage you will need to have a working sensors install, if you have already installed lm_sensors, you will need to re-install using the sensord USE flag in /etc/portage/package.use

To start sensord and add it to start at boot:

# /etc/init.d/sensord start
# rc-update add sensord default

You will also need to have rrdtool installed, with the rrdcgi USE flag in /etc/portage/package.use

Once these two items are installed, you are just about set up to graph the results.

you will also need to have a working apache install, along with the ability to run cgi pages from any location....

Generating the graphs

sensord --log-interval 0 \

 --load-average \
 --rrd-file /var/log/sensord.rrd

mkdir /var/www/sensord chown www-data:staff /var/www/sensord chmod a=rwxs /var/www/sensord

sensord --load-average \

 --rrd-file /var/log/sensord.rrd \
 --rrd-cgi /var/www/sensord \
 > /usr/lib/cgi-bin/sensord.cgi

chmod a+rx /usr/lib/cgi-bin/sensord.cgi


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