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This method works best with Linux when coupled with `find`. It has been completely tested with an average thunderbird setup and works 100%! Yay for 'it works'!

  1. Visit the old GMail Loader (GML) page
  2. Download gml-0.4
  3. Upackage it with 7-zip or `mkdir gml; tar xvf gml-0.4.tar -C gml`
  4. Run it in the form gml.exe mbox "C:\Documents and Settinsg\%USER%\Application Data\.mozilla\thunderbird\Local Folders\Inbox.msf"


Install like so:

emerge gml

This beats the heck out of uploading 100 different folders: You'll have to create this script because `find` won't pass a variable more than once.

#User Settings

/usr/bin/python /usr/local/bin/ mbox "${MAILFILE}" ${GMAILTO}
mkdir -p gmailed/`dirname "${MAILFILE}"`
mv "${MAILFILE}" gmailed/"${MAILFILE}"

And now run find:

find ~/.mozilla-thunderbird/default.rnd/Local\ Folders/ -type f -exec {} \; > mbox2gmail.log

TIP: Sometimes messages have bad headers or for whatever reason stop sending, run `tail mbox2gmail.log` occasionally to make sure it's not stuck on a bad message (or `find` times out). If it seems to be stuckjust press CTRL+C once to continue to the next message. You'll have to rerun `find` as shown above, but the already sent messages will have been moved if the mbox was completed.


This method works best with Windows, but can be tedious for mbox, if you can you should use the commandline version.

  1. Visit the current GMail Loader page.
  2. Download gmlw-0.5
  3. Upackage it with 7-zip or `mkdir gmlw; tar xvf gmlw-0.5.tar -C gmlw`
  4. Do the clickety clickety thing.
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