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Hardware specs may vary, example specs :

Intel Core 2 Duo ULV U7600, 1200 MHz, 2MB Cache
Intel Mobile GM965
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
2 GB DDR 2 SDRAM 667 MHz
Intel High Definition Audio (built in microphone)
Intel ipw4965 ABG wifi
Intel Gigabit Ethernet
Motorola (?) modem

Ricoh (?) Firewire
Ricoh MMC/SD adapter (?)
PC Card port

Internal devices on USB bus : 
Broadcom (?) USB Bluetooth
Authentec (?) Inc. USB Fingerprint Sensor

2 Button PS/2 Trackpad + Trackstick
PATA hard drive 100GB, 4200rpm
PATA DVD+/-RW (Dual Layer) drive

Kernel Config

Works with gentoo kernel 2.6.23-r3.

Hardware status

CPU Yesdual core, cpufreq, integrated heat sensors
ACPI YesButtons: sleep, power, lid, brightness (also via software). AC Connector: plug, unplug.
DVD-Recorder YesWrite tested with k3b.
Trackpad & Pointstick YesTrackpad on/off switch works
USB YesTested with with mouse and USB drive
Wired ethernet Yes
Wireless ethernet YesSee this guide
Bluetooth YesUsing BlueZ
Graphics YesSee this guide
Sound YesAlsa intel hd driver. Built as module, configured with alsaconf. Built in speakers and headphone connector works. Built in microphone and external untested.
Internal card reader Yesactivate ricoh_mmc module in kernel config
Software suspend YesSuspend to disk using sysfs with hibernate-script on gentoo-sources
Suspend to ram YesSuspend to ram using sysfs with hibernate-script on gentoo-sources
Multimedia keys Partial
Fingerprint readerUntested
PC Card slot YesUsing yenta
Internal modemUntested
External monitorUntested

Multimedia keys

Xmodmap additions:

keycode 176 = XF86AudioRaiseVolume
keycode 174 = XF86AudioLowerVolume
keycode 160 = XF86AudioMute
keycode 222 = XF86PowerDown
keycode 223 = XF86Sleep                     

Working keys : volume (up/down/mute), brightness controls, sleep. Wireless on/off is hard wired.

Figured out some more keycodes, don't know what X Keysnames map there:

keycode 136 = PresentationMode
keycode 179 = AutoBrightness
keycode 137 = FnF8 (battery symbol)
keycode 138 = FnF6
keycode 62  = ExternalMonitor
keycode 217 = TouchpadDisable
keycode 184 = FnAlt
keycode 220 = FnMenu

Pre-Installation Notes

Boots without problems from 2007.0. Fan control not optimal on livecd, it gets hot, but not dangerously hot.

Problems and Solutions

Backlight not switching on after a wake up from a suspend to ram

If you are using hibernate-script, emerge vbetool and 'EnableVBetool yes' in hibernate/ram.conf

High pitched humming sound

If you hear a high pitched humming sound try adding this to the kernel parameters :


Display turns back on after 'xset dpms force on'

Set Option "NoPM" "yes" unser Server Layout in xorg.conf, and set power down settings in xscreensaver

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