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The Hama DVB-T USB2 Stick is a cheap terrestrial TV tuner (DVB-T) card, perfectly working under Gentoo Linux.


The card comes with no name, so you can expect only:

# lsusb
Bus 001 Device 006: ID 15a4:9016

(naturally, with your own Bus and Device ID).


identify the card as Afatech 9016


Firstly, you need to copy the following firmware dvb-usb-af9015.fw in your /lib/firmware/ directory.


It requires the dvb_usb_af9015 module, as well as dvb_usb, i2c_core, af9013 and mt2060 for tuning. The main dvb_usb_af9015 is not in the kernel (at least until 2.6.25), so you MUST use the Mercurial way. Let's see how to.

Configuring the kernel

Get into the kernel configuration as normal (i.e. cd /usr/src/linux && make menuconfig).

Linux Kernel Configuration: Kernel 2.6
 Device Drivers --->
      Multimedia Devices --->
        <M> DVB for Linux
        [*] Load and attach frontend and tuner driver modules as needed
        [*] DVB/ATSC adapters -->
          <M> Support for various USB DVB devices
          ... you can select modules here, but you cannot find any af901x...
        [ ] DAB adapters
  <M> I2C support  --->

Get and compile the mercurial modules

At least until kernel 2.6.25, you cannot find any af901x modules, so you MUST consider the mercurial way. Mercurial is a repository of kernel modules for TV, see for details. Compile the drivers as described in TV Tuner using the following configuration.

In the configuration step, make sure to enable the needed modules

Linux Kernel Configuration: Mercurial modules
 Multimedia devices  --->
   [*] DVB/ATSC adapters  --->
     <M> Afatech AF9015 DVB-T USB2.0 support
         Customise DVB Frontends  --->
       <M> Afatech AF9013 demodulator
   [*] Customize analog and hybrid tuner modules to build  --->
     <M>   Microtune MT2060 silicon IF tuner

Once modules are compiled and installed, you can plug the dongle. Run lsmod|grep af901. If your output is similar to

af9013                 20932  1
dvb_usb_af9015         28032  0
dvb_usb                20428  1 dvb_usb_af9015
i2c_core               21656  5 mt2060,af9013,dvb_usb_af9015,dvb_usb

the card should work.

If not, try to load the modules manually: modprobe af9013 dvb_usb_af9015 mt2060.

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