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Templates are pre-defined bits of wiki code that can be inserted into an article using {{TemplateName}}. A listing of available templates can be found on the Template Index.

Creating Templates

You can create your own templates. All you need to do is go to Template:Somepage (substitute Somepage for the name of your template) and add the relevant wiki code there. There are two rules:

  1. Templates must be relevant and concise
  2. Templates must be added to Template Index so others can reuse them

Editing Templates

While you are free to edit templates, use caution when making drastic changes. Certain templates are very widely used throughout the wiki. Use the "What Links Here" link in the Toolbox section of the navigation bar on the left to find out what pages use a given template.

See the Template Index for listings of the more major templates.

Full Template Documentation

Full documentation is available on the MediaWiki Users Guide.

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