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IBM Mainframe

Linux can run on IBM Mainframe machines. This page tries to collect some information about how to run Gentoo on an IBM Mainframe. Also some information about using the Hercules emulator to simulate the hardware is given.

For some installation documentation look at the document from vapier at

Unfortunately you will need another Linux running on the mainframe before you can install Gentoo as there are no IPL-able installation files.

Hercules Emulator

Hercules is an open source software implementation of the mainframe System/370 and ESA/390 architectures, in addition to the new 64-bit z/Architecture. Hercules runs under Linux, Windows (98, NT, 2000, and XP), and Mac OS X (10.3 and later).

Gentoo provides an ebuild for hercules, so a simple

emerge hercules

should install hercules on your machine.

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