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Working hardware

Pre-Installation Notes

Compiler Configuration

IBM Thinkpad T30 uses Intel Mobile Pentium 4 M processor. Add/Modify the following line in /etc/make.conf

File: /etc/make.conf
 CFLAGS="-march=pentium4m -Os -pipe -msse2 -mfpmath=sse"


See this guide.

IrDA (InfraRed)

FIXME: Is this section generic enough to be moved to the generic laptop guide?

There are 2 possible modes for IR on T30: SIR and FIR.

Kernel Options neede for SIR:

Linux Kernel Configuration: Networking --->
<M>   IrDA (infrared) subsystem support  --->
 <M>   IrCOMM protocol
 Infrared-port device drivers  --->
  <M> IrTTY (uses Linux serial driver)

Kernel Options neede for FIR:

Linux Kernel Configuration: Networking --->
<M>   IrDA (infrared) subsystem support  --->
 <M>   IrCOMM protocol
 Infrared-port device drivers  --->
  <M> NSC PC87108/PC87338

To avoid capturing of the serial port used for FIR by serial driver:

Linux Kernel Configuration: Device Drivers --->
Character devices  --->
 Serial drivers  --->
  (1)   Number of 8250/16550 serial ports to register at runtime

Note: Technically this can be replaced by kernel parameter "8250.nr_uarts=1" or module option "options 8250 nr_uarts=1", but for some reason it failed to work for me.

Cofiguring modules (universal configuration for both SIR and FIR):

File: /etc/modprobe.d/irda
 # IrDA over a normal serial port, or a serial port compatible IrDA port (SIR)
 alias tty-ldisc-11 irtty

 # IrCOMM (for printing, PPP, Minicom etc)
 alias char-major-161 ircomm-tty     # if you want IrCOMM support

 # But currently the IrLAN protocol is no longer maintained
 # by the Linux/IrDA core team.
 alias irlan0 irlan

 # To be able to attach some serial dongles
 # These values are hard-coded in irattach (not instance order)
 alias irda-dongle-0  tekram             # Tekram IrMate IR-210B
 alias irda-dongle-1  esi                # ESI JetEye
 alias irda-dongle-2  actisys            # Actisys IR-220L
 alias irda-dongle-3  actisys            # Actisys IR-220L+
 alias irda-dongle-4  girbil             # Greenwich GIrBIL
 alias irda-dongle-5  litelink           # Parallax LiteLink/ESI JetEye
 alias irda-dongle-6  airport            # Adaptec Airport 1000 and 2000
 alias irda-dongle-7  old_belkin         # Belkin (old) SmartBeam dongle
 alias irda-dongle-8  ep7211_ir          # Cirrus Logic EP7211 Processor (ARM)
 alias irda-dongle-9  mcp2120            # MCP2120 (Microchip) based
 alias irda-dongle-10 act200l            # ACTiSYS Ir-200L
 alias irda-dongle-11 ma600              # Mobile Action ma600

 # To use the FIR driver. This applies only to the specific device!!!

 #options nsc-ircc dongle_id=0x09        # NSC driver on a IBM Thinkpad laptop
 #options nsc-ircc dongle_id=0x08        # HP Omnibook 6000
 options nsc-ircc dongle_id=0x09 io=0x2f8 irq=3 dma=3
 alias irda0 nsc-ircc

 # IrNET module...
 alias char-major-10-187 irnet       # Official allocation of IrNET

 # options irtty_sir qos_mtt_bits=

Afterwards run update-modules.

Next step you will need is IrDA Utils.

Code: shell#
 emerge irda-utils
 rc-update add irda default
File: /etc/conf.d/irda
 IRDADEV=irda0 (for FIR or) IRDADEV=/dev/ttyS1 (for SIR)

To test IR use "irdadump".

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