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iguanaIR is a USB infra red transmitter and receiver designed to be used with lirc. Currently these instructions are very much incomplete, and you should refer to the Getting Started page on the iguanaIR wiki.


iguanaIR requires LIRC => 0.8.1. At the time of writing 0.8.1_pre5 is avaliable in Portage (masked), but you must edit the ebuild before you can use it.

# nano -w /usr/portage/app-misc/lirc/lirc-0.8.1_pre5.ebuild

You need to add the iguanaIR device to the LIRC devices section.

File: /usr/portage/app-misc/lirc/lirc-0.8.1_pre5.ebuild
        all userspace act200l act220l
        adaptec alsa_usb animax atilibusb
        atiusb audio audio_alsa avermedia avermedia_vdomate
        avermedia98 bestbuy bestbuy2 breakoutbox
        bte bw6130 caraca chronos cmdir com1 com2 com3 com4
        cph06x creative creative_infracd
        devinput digimatrix dsp dvico ea65
        exaudio flyvideo gvbctv5pci hauppauge
        hauppauge_dvb hercules_smarttv_stereo
        igorplugusb iguanaIR imon imon_pad imon_rsc
        irdeo irdeo_remote irman irreal it87
        knc_one kworld leadtek_0007 leadtek_0010
        leadtek_pvr2000 livedrive_midi
        livedrive_seq logitech lpt1 lpt2 mceusb
        mceusb2 mediafocusI mouseremote
        mouseremote_ps2 mp3anywhere nslu2
        packard_bell parallel pcmak pcmak_usb
        pctv pixelview_bt878 pixelview_pak
        pixelview_pro provideo realmagic
        remotemaster sa1100 sasem serial
        silitek sir slinke streamzap tekram
        tekram_bt829 tira tvbox udp uirt2

Once you have done this you can emerge LIRC.

# echo "app-misc/lirc ~x86" >> /etc/portage/package.keywords
# echo "LIRC_DEVICES=\"iguanaIR\"" >> /etc/make.conf
# emerge -av --digest app-misc/lirc
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