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OpenSSH is a powerful set of tools including ssh, sshd, scp, and sftp. The purpose of ssh, or Secure Shell, is to have secure, encrypted remote access to another machine.

What can you do with ssh?

Enable SSH

ssh is installed on Gentoo by default, however it is not enabled. You can start the daemon by issuing /etc/init.d/sshd start or add it as a default daemon on every startup rc-update add sshd default.

WARNING: You should do some initial configuration before starting ssh - especially if you are not firewalled. Mac OS X and many Linux systems are vulnerable Out-of-the-Box because ssh is configured with lax settings. A cracker could run an outrageous attempt of 1000 logins per minute and brute force your password with a dictionary attack. Running Linux may make your system bullet-proof, but how can it do any good if the zipper is down on your kevlar vest, y'know? Securing SSH is covered in the GWikInstall guide. Of course you could just use long passwords of random characters that cannot be guessed by a dictionary or brute force attack before the sun goes nova and turns the Earth into a big lump of charcoal.

Basic SSH

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Secure shell on Windows

Please refer this page or The Windows Documentation Project for information on how to set up ssh on windows. This gives you a windows shell prompt through which it is possible to do admininistrative local and domain tasks such as restarting printer spools and joining a domain.


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