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Project Sunrise

UCPT has only a handful of packages, is outdated and unmaintained. Visit Project Sunrise for a healthier, more active, user contributed portage tree, and see the Portage Overlay Listing for others.


Do NOT use the ebuild files from this Wiki unless you know what you are doing and unless you are willing to screw your system in any way imaginable. Nonetheless, there is some hope that the gentle way emerge handles package installations will save you from the most utterly accidents.


Let us use a Wiki to publish, develop, and discuss ebuild files.

How it works

Each ebuild must be stored using a Wiki name representing the portage tree structure. For example, the ebuild file for Mozilla Firefox would be:


Of course, packages already available through the main portage tree should not go here (although fixed ones are welcome).

Please don't use release tags, ie:


Then, we create a portage tree from the SQL dump of this Wiki, which will be available for download. Sounds easy, huh?

The portage tree extraction script

Look at the perl script for instructions on how to use it. For a dump of the required SQL data, go here. The script is also used to update the UCPT index page.

Ebuild Index

Category Listing

Ebuild List

Extract Script - for use in extracting the UCPT from the most current cur .sql.gz's

Wiki Searches

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