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Required Components


We need to ensure that the following packages are installed

USE flags


I consider the following use flags as required to have a successful install


these use flags are recommended to match my test environment but have not been confirmed as needless or needed, however they should not affect your results

We can add these flags into several places, our best bet is to add them to the /etc/make.conf file. add the following line to the bottom of your make.conf file

USE="${USE} acl kerberos ldap pam readline crypt gdbm samba ssl tcpd cups python 
      perl xml2 mysql berkdb"

Or use euse (from app-portage/gentoolkit package) to add the USE flags into your make.conf:

# euse --enable acl kerberos ldap pam readline crypt gdbm samba ssl tcpd cups python \
  perl xml2 mysql berkdb


Now that our USE flags and accept keywords are set we can let emerge get, compile and install our packages. Run the following command and take a break, as it will be a while before it's done.

# emerge samba openldap nss_ldap pam_ldap smbldap-tools

Optional Packages

If you intend to use Web admin interfaces such as: phpLDAPadmin or LAM. Then you might want to emerge apache and mod_php at this point.

USE Flags

you have the option of compiling either apache version 1 or 2, determining which version you want to use is outside the scope of this HowTo, however if you know that you want to use version two then, you need to have the USE flag apache2 set. I have found that most of the php administration tools will not function properly with the phphardened flag set. Ensure that php is not compiled with phphardened by using the -phphardened flag.


Assuming you have set the desired USE flags for apache and php go ahead and emerge them. again this will take a while so go take a break after running the following command

# emerge apache mod_php

after successful emersion of the above sections, continue onto the next section

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