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Intel 845G

Work going on, I will upload that soon.. please help me collect more data. If you are a P4/845g user, and have problem/info/article, please post here or mail me with subject <gentoo-wiki-intel845g>, else maybe in spam. my email is <ra21vi@gmail.c0m> --

From what I remember when I installed gentoo on my dad's computer (i845GV or GM, can't recall, Gigabyte's mobo)... the intel framebuffer drivers suck because the hardware cursor gets screwed up. Use i915 driver for DRI instead of i830 (it oopses), but there's no guanrantee it'll be stable enough to use at all. The integrated sound and ethernet adapters work (Realtek chips). Haven't tested USB yet. In general, don't buy this hardware for a desktop system if you have a choice.

As soon as I undo whatever mayhem I caused by sticking a secondary graphics card in there, I'll give the new (experimental) kernel modules a shot. Modules for more boards showed up (including the Intel 845g) a couple weeks ago. Please work...I didn't choose this machine... If someone else tries them before I get to it: please post your success (or lack thereof, depending).--Trollll 02:02, 29 November 2005 (GMT)

Got a PVR solution based on a i845GVSR working merrily here. No hassles at all, sound, video and network all seem A-OK.

Got a machine with 845G/GL/GE (Brookdale) Chipset. USB, LAN, sound and grafics-adapter are all up and runnning from start with kernel integrated drivers (Started with 2.6.17-r4) intelfb needs i915 instead of i830 setting, but works well, no problem with the snd-i8x0 for alsa as well. Same for USB and e100pro LAN. Only ACPI needs some more work to get it running.

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