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The material covered here has been, or will soon be, moved to either our project page or our Trac. -nichoj


The Gentoo Java herd maintain most packages related to Java development in the Portage tree, which at the present time of writing encompasses well over 300 different ebuilds.

Highlights include the Apache Java Projects, JDK/JREs from Blackdown, Sun, IBM, Compaq, BEA and of course Kaffe. We also package some alternative languages for the JVM, such as Groovy, Scala and Jython. We package IDEs such as Eclipse and NetBeans. And of course, a host of different and popular Java libraries.

Gentoo is a source-based distribution. We aim to build all Java packages from source code too. For reasons, see Why Build Java Code From Source.


There are several questions which come up again and again. To make our life easier, here is a collection of common questions with answers:

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