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Official Gentoo Kernels in Portage


A kernel toolset that can be used to autodetect your hardware and autoconfigure your kernel. This kernel is recommended for livecd maintainers, and is not recommended for any normal users.

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Nowadays, gentoo-sources contains 2.6.x series kernels. This is the kernel most gentooers will want to use.

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The Gentoo Hardened project produces this kernel to support critical servers.

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A kernel for SPARC processors.

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Other Kernels in Portage


DISCONTINUED, Con Kolivas quit the development - we wish you a good life, Con.

This kernel is very aggressively tuned for performance and speed. It is well tuned for interactivity with the staircase scheduler and smart RAM usage patches, along with various bug fixes and tweaks.

From Con Kolivas:
"These are patches designed to improve system responsiveness with specific emphasis on the desktop, but suitable to any workload."

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The very latest -git version of the Linux kernel

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A kernel made for the Hewlett Packard PA-RISC processor. Based on the 2.6 series.

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A kernel made for the MIPS-RISC processor.

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These sources are an additional set of patches for the vanilla-sources. This kernel is for people who are not afraid to live dangerously.


Kernel Series: 2.6

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This kernel has patches for the openMosix Cluster system. Improves Node detection and contains every important modules to host large openMosix Clusters also used by Dresden-LAN Dresden-LAN

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Linux kernel for the OpenVZ virtualization system.

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Kernel containing the RSBAC patchset for high security machines.

"RSBAC is a flexible, powerful and fast (low overhead) open source access control framework for current Linux kernels, which has been in stable production use... it allows full fine grained control over objects (files, processes, users, devices, etc.), memory execution prevention (PaX, NX), real time integrated virus detection, and much more."

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A 2.6 kernel with the standard gentoo patches in gentoo-sources as well as the suspend2 patches.

NB: These sources are still in portage but currently (03.01.08) only up till kernel version 2.6.22-r2. suspend2 was renamed to tuxonice, therefore one should use the tuxonice kernel sources.

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A 2.6 kernel with the standard gentoo patches in gentoo-sources as well as the tuxonice patches. The continuation of suspend2-sources.

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A kernel for processors without MMUs. (No longer maintained?)

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A kernel designed to allow the user to run multiple instances of Linux, essentially Linux within Linux within Linux... etc.

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This kernel everyone should already know, this is the stable release kernel put out by Linus and his developers. It does not include any fancy patches, but is one of the most bug-free kernels because of so many people constantly testing and critiquing it.

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A kernel for running kernel-based virtual servers on a single piece of hardware.

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This kernel is targetted towards users running Linux on the XBox and includes many fixes and tweaks to make it operable, but also includes drivers for various things such as Microsoft's FATX filesystem, framebuffer support and accessing devices unique to the XBox via the SMBus controller.


Another Linux kernel virtualization technology. Heavily backed by RedHat.

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Other Kernels not in Portage

There is a portage overlay containing a number of custom kernels, the easiest way to access them would be by using layman.

emerge layman
layman -a custom-kernels

You might also need to add the correct layman source file to /etc/make.conf, instructions should be given when emergin layman or check here here



This was created by the maintainers from archck (iphitus) and nitro (Tiger683). It aims to be like a combination of the both, but done with a git, because they can.

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Created by Vipernicus and Nesl247. This patchset is based on latest Genpatches, Nick Piggin's Lockless Pagecache patches, and CK. You can join us at #evo-mission to talk about it. Most other patchsets will decrease your manhood, and kill the child that is in us all.


The Latest Gentoo-Sources kernel with reiser4 patches applied - for those looking for reiser4 without any other experimental patches.

Portage Info | Reiser4 With Gentoo-Sources


The sucessor to love-sources, This kernel is for "power users", those who like living on the bleeding edge. It contains many experimental patches that can be slightly volatile at times, make your [soda||pop] real bland, etc. This kernel is not part of Portage (and never will be), so you must download the patch from the website.

Theres a very active IRC channel on, which is aptly named #no-sources. In there, people will be glad to help you with whatever problem you may have in attempting to use the sources.

Current maintainer is: cheater-conrad (of conrad projects)

Co-Founders: joecool & JasonF

See Also: no-sources

For Background Information: love-sources

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Vanilla kernel with Ingo Molnar's realtime patch and reiser4 patch(no reiser4 in recent ebuild anymore). Ready for use with the realtime-lsm module or PAM-rlimits. For those wanting a kernel suited for professional audio and multimedia work.

You must install the pro audio overlay and emerge at least the rt-sources and rtirq packages. Emerge pam from this overlay only if you don't want to use the realtime-lsm module (no need for the rtirq package in that case), because PAM-rlimts will have the priority over the realtime-lsm module and will slow down the operations of this module.
[Comment evermind
rtirq set the priority for the irq's and is NOT related to pam/realtime-lsm]

Please, read Linux hardware stability guide, Part 2 before running a such kernel. For kernel configuration, read the Howto RT Kernel

Portage Info | portage overlay: pro audio production applications



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