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In this tutorial, we present a stripped down LDAP/PAM configuration -- no SASL, SAMBA, Kerberos or other additions -- in order to get the essentials across. We will set up a machine to authenticate against itself, whether or not it has network access.


You will need to edit a few files in order to make this work:

Notice that all these files are in /etc, where they belong. The addition of the sudo configuration may seem extraneous, but sudo misbehaves with out it.

The additional init.d and conf.d files allow for a network independent instance of slapd.

The above files are all the files that were edited to enable PAM authentication via OpenLDAP with SSL. I maintain the files in their own folder and merge them with a script so that I can track configuration changes for this particular project independent of changes I make for other reasons.

To Be Continued...

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