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Current support status under kernel suspend2-sources-2.6.15-r1

GOODharddisk 40GB SATA
GOODCD recording
GOODDVD/CD reading
POOR3d aceleration (Issues with Radeon Xpress R200M, only working with proprietary ATI driver)
GOODEthernet 10/100 OK, Using the sky2 module (at last width 2.6.22 and 2.6.23)
GOODtouchpad (using synaptics driver)
POORworks with proprietary ati driver
GOODhibernation (works at least with 2.6.24 or later)
BADsuspend to ram (also freezes, both had worked one time, but then never again)
NOT TESTEDmodem (not planning using it)
GOODcard reader (SD/MMC/xS/MS)
NOT TESTEDsvideo out


GOODInstalled unstable from portage. Works well.
POORUsed proprietary or external (not in portage) sources/drivers. Maybe some issues.
BADNot working at the moment.


Is a 40GB SATA harddisk identified as /dev/hda.

Volume Buttons

The volume and mute buttons can be used for their purpose (or something else if you wish).

Simply just go to Menu->Desktop->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts and bind the buttons to their appropriate functions in the menu

Users who use no DE may read this: HOWTO Use Multimedia Keys

Brightnes keys

Work just out of the box.


See this guide.


There are 2 methods to get the sound working

The first is to compile alsa into the kernel with the appropriate driver selected: Intel HD Audio

but for some reason this leaves you with the speakers not being disabled when headphones are plugged in

The Alternative method is to leave alsa out of the kernel altogether and to build it as a module:

emerge alsa-driver alsa-utils

and then run



Touchpad works out of the box, but in order to get scrolling and the finer features working see the configurations sugested in LG LW20

Card Reader (SD/MMC/xD/MS/MS Pro)

With Kernel 2.6.24 SD cards are supported, with 2.6.25 also MS Cards. Needed modules: tifm_7xx1, tifm_sd, tifm_ms, memstick, mmc_block, tifm_core

Are not yet supported. lspci gives:

Code: lspci
06:00.3 Mass storage controller: Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller
06:00.4 Class 0805: Texas Instruments PCI6411, PCI6421, PCI6611, PCI6621, PCI7411, PCI7421, PCI7611, PCI7621 Secure Digital (SD) Controller

There's a workaround that allows you to read at least sd/mmc: 1) lspci | grep 'Mass storage' ; take note of the pci id (it could be 06:00.3 as above, but on my laptop and kernel 2.6.18 it gets to 08:00.3); 2) run this:

PREV=`setpci -s 08:00.3 4c`
NEW=`printf '%02x' "$((PREV | 2))"`
if [ "$PREV" != "$NEW" ]; then
  echo "Fixing PCI register of TI flash controller..."
  setpci -s 08:00.3 4c=0x$NEW

After that, the mmc insert detection should trigger immediately.

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