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If you are using KDE, then it's not necessary to manually create a ~/.lircrc file. Usually located in Utilities->Peripherals, KDE LIRC Server (IRKick) can help alot in configuring the actions for your remote.

IRKick allows you to easily define and use multiple modes for a single keyboard. In other words, you can use the same set of buttons for multiple programs, while still keeping some global assignments.

For example, you can create three modes: Amarok, Mplayer and Radio. In each of these modes, you can assign a specific action to the "play" button, to wether play Amarok, Mplayer or Radio. To switch between these mappings, you can set keys like "1" "2" and "3" to the default mode. This can be done by selecting the default mode, clicking Add... -> "I wish to change remote control's mode" then select "1" from the list and on the next page, select the desired mapping.

Another usefull feature is that it allows you to "manually select a function from a running program" which means it detects DCOP calls that can be used on running programs. Most of the KDE applications allow this kind of control, although it is not always fully functional, KMplayer for example doesn't provide "play" or "stop" just "maximize" and "quit".

Another nice global action would be to get your computer to say what time it is aloud. For that, just

emerge festival

then in IRKick select the default mode, click "Add..." for an action, then pick "KDE Program Launcher" from the list (which has the same function like irexec), select your desired button, on the next page select Execute, then select "The executable name and path of the executable or script to run" and in the input box at the bottom of the window, type saytime. (You may want to type that in a console shell too, just to check if it works).

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