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Lenovo V Series‎



Hardware specs may vary. exmaple specs :

Intel Centrino Duo T2300 @ 1.66GHz
Intel Mobile 945GM/GMS/940GML Express Video
Intel High Definition Audio (built in microphone)
Intel USB UCHI (x4)
Intel 82801GBM/GHM (ICH7) SATA storage 
Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG wifi
RealTek RTL-8139/8139C/8139C+ wired
Motorola Winmodem (?)

Ricoh Firewire
Ricoh MMC/SD adapter
PCIExpress port

Internal devices on USB bus : 
Broadcom USB Bluetooth
ALi Corp USB camera (5602)
Authentec Inc. USB Fingerprint Sensor

2 Button PS/2 Trackpad

SATA hard drive
PATA cdrom drive

Kernel Config

Works with gentoo kernel 2.6.19-r5. (sample config).

Hardware status

Note: Hardware marked with suspend2 blacklisted must have it's drivers compiled as modules so they can be unloaded before suspending to disk. This is already the case in the kernel config for suspend2 attached below.
CPU Yesdual core, cpufreq, integrated heat sensors (Needs kernel 2.6.22 with CONFIG_SENSORS_CORETEMP set)
ACPI YesButtons: sleep, power, lid, brightness (also via software). AC Connector: plug, unplug.
DVD-Recorder Yesread/write tested. (write tested with app-cdr/dvd+rw-tools 7.0 and app-cdr/cdrkit 1.1.2)
Trackpad Yes
USB YesTested with with motorola cable modem, card-reader, mouse, hp printer
Wired ethernet Yes
Wireless ethernet YesSee this guide
Bluetooth YesTested against palm tx (network, didn't test syncing with pilot-link), and mouse. (suspend2 blacklisted)
X11 Yesxorg 7.2 + aiglx +dri runs smoothly at 1280x800. xorg.conf.
Sound Yesalsa intel hd driver. Built as module, configured with alsaconf. Built in speakers, headphone conecteor, built in microphone and external all work. tested with arecord and skype.
Firewire Yestested with jvc video camera. (suspend2 blacklisted)
Internal SD card reader Yes(suspend2 blacklisted)
software suspend (suspend2-sources) Yesworks using sys-kernel/suspend2-sources 2.6.19-r3 (sample config) and sys-power/hibernate-script 1.94-r5. Sample config files for hibernate script : suspend2.conf, common.conf, blacklisted-modules.
Multimedia keys PartialSee Multimedia keys section. Problems: Suspend to disk (F12) and Lenovo Care do not emit any scancodes, register with acpi or cause a change in /dev/nvram.
built in webcam NoDriver in very early stages at and forums at
fingerprint reader Noauthentec fingerprint reader. no driver yet. watch for developments
may work with ThinkFinger
PCI Express slotUntested
Internal modem Nomotoroal winmodem. No known driver. Using ndiswrapper with the windows driver and causes a freeze.
External monitor Partialworks in text mode. no working xorg.conf yet. xorg-7.3 and new i810 (1.2.x) driver may improve on the situation.
Suspend to ram Nos2ram according to howto, all variations of command line options failed when using x11. s2ram -f -p -m works if init=/bin/bash. hibernate-ram (which uses s2ram) suspends, but on resume, screen is corrupt, keyboard works for a while (caps-lock on/off), and then a complete freeze.

Multimedia keys

xmodmap additions .Xmodmap. place (or append to existing) in home folder.

Working keys : volume (up/down/mute), play, stop, next, previous. Brightness controls (Alt F10,F11) are hard wired. So is Wireless on/off (F5), but using it seems to be problematic when trying to turn back on. Using the switch on the right side of the laptop works better. Sleep (F4) button registers in acpi. The monitor switching button emits a scancode but is not tied to a keycode. Add this to /etc/conf.d/local.start. change 120 to any other keycode if it is taken:

Code: /etc/conf.d/local.start
setkeycodes e00b 120

The Audio CD button (key next to Lenovo-Care button) causes a change in nvram byte 83. Each keypress adds one to the current value, ranging from 0x00 to 0x1F. After reaching 0x1F the key causes no further change.

Pre-Installation Notes

Problems and Solutions

Audio In/Out

Mixer app shows 2 capture devices, one of which must be off. Otherwise there is an echo effect in a voip application (like skype). Sample working asound.state. The microphone and speakers are too close to each other, and can cause an echo in a voip application for the other party. it is best to use a headset and either an external or the internal microphone, or position an external speaker as far away as possible from the laptop.

High pitched humming sound

If you hear a high pitched humming sound try adding this to the kernel parameters :



Normally, with little load, (for me at least) the cpu's are around 40c-60c. During compiling (with make -j2), the temperature can get up to 90+ and at some point cause acpi to trip an alarm which will cause a shutdown. Removing the battery and running on ac only does not help much. To avoid this either manually set cpu frequency to 1.0ghz (which keeps it at max 85c) or use powersaved. In /etc/powersave/events set the top 3 EVENT_TEMPERATURE to throttle, and the EVENT_TEMPERATURE_CRITICAL to also suspend_to_disk. See sample events file.


May require the following addition to /etc/conf.d/net. Since this is a laptop the path probably won't need to be edited. Check that it points to the right one if it doesn't work:

Code: /etc/conf.d/net
if [[ ${IFACE} = "eth3" ]]; then
echo 0 > /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1c.2/0000:04:00.0/rf_kill
sleep 3
return 0;

X11 Gamma distortion on video playback

In media players, when using aiglx, the output device should be set to X11 or OpenGL. When using XV there is occasionally a distortion in the gamma settings.

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