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There are no known hardware differences between the Inspiron 8000 and Latitude C800. The two laptops even have the exact same Dell P/Ns for their motherboards and videocards, suggesting the difference is in name only.

The Inspiron 8000 and Latitude C800 are mostly standard hardware. You can follow the handbook to the T and have a functional system (with a few quirks).


Kernel Configuration

The network interface varies widely because there's a number of chipsets and cards available. You could have a modem, NIC, modem/NIC combo, wireless card, or even replaced the internal miniPCI card with something after-market.

Video chipset

The Inspiron 8000 and Latitude C800 have an actual physical videocard that connects to the motherboard via a proprietary connector. Both ATI Mobility M4 and GeForce 2 Go cards with a variety of VRAM amounts have been shipped with these laptops. In both cases, the chipsets are completely standard, sitting on a standard AGP bus, and will work with the usual selection of drivers.

i8kutils: Fan Control, CPU temperature, volume buttons

Powersaving Modes

Standby and suspend to RAM DO NOT WORK. The system will freeze trying to resume. (Standby behavior is a bit bizarre anyway -- the screen and the USB bus remain on, kind of defeating the purpose.)

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