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Kernel Config and Working hardware

Tested with valilla-2.6.27-rc6

Linux Kernel Configuration:
 -> Power management options 
   -> ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) Support (ACPI)
battery correctly seen etc.
Linux Kernel Configuration:
 -> Device Drivers
   -> Network device support
     -> Wireless LAN    
       -> Intel Wireless WiFi Next Gen AGN
          <*> Intel Wireless WiFi 5000AGN
After that, you need to download file [], and unpack it to /lib/firmware.
Linux Kernel Configuration:
 -> Device Drivers
   -> Sound card support
     -> Advanced Linux Sound Architecture
       -> PCI sound device
          <*> Intel HD Audio
Linux Kernel Configuration:
 -> Device Drivers
   -> MMC/SD card support
     -> Secure Digital Host Controller Interface support
        <*> SDHCI support on PCI bus
           <*> Ricoh MMC Controller Disabler
Linux Kernel Configuration:
 -> Device Drivers
   -> Multimedia devices
     -> Video capture adapters
       -> V4L USB devices
          <*> USB Video Class (UVC)

Not tested


Could't set suspend to ram and suspend to disk with nvidia (common problem), but i'm sure it's solvable. Without X suspend to disk works.

Some special keys (like brighten up and brighten down) are software-dependent, those two are acting strangely for me.

Warning: IdeaPads are not Thinkpads, and kerel drivers like thinkpad_acpi don't work for them.

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