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Lenovo Thinkpad T61p wide
Lenovo Thinkpad T61p wide
FIXME: There is plenty to do. Have a look at Things to be done on the discussion page.

Hardware status

Note: Hardware marked with suspend2 blacklisted must have its drivers compiled as modules so they can be unloaded before suspending to disk. Names in brackets in the device name section are the kernel module names. Use / in make menuconfig to find them.
CPU Yesdual core, cpufreq, integrated heat sensors (needs kernel 2.6.23 with CONFIG_SENSORS_CORETEMP set)
ACPI YesButtons: sleep (Fn-F4), power (working on laptop, dockingstation untested), lid. AC Connector: plug, unplug.
DVD-Recorder Yesread/write tested. (write tested with app-cdr/dvd+rw-tools-7.0 and app-cdr/cdrtools-2.01.01_alpha34)
UltraNav (psmouse) Yes
USB (uhci_hcd, ehci_hcd) Yesfollowed Gentoo USB Guide. Tested with with external hdd, flash-stick. NOTE: If you experience this common error [1] where the USB ports on the right side don't work, flash your BIOS to version 2.07 (it worked for me).

Otherwise, with BIOS 1.26, add 'irqpoll' to the boot options in grub. In this case, also make sure that the IRQ settings in the BIOS are set to Auto-Detect for all hardware. This may have other annoying side effects, so the first method with BIOS 2.07 is preferred.

Wired ethernet (e1000) Yes
Wireless LAN (iwl4965) YesSee this guide
X11 Yesxorg 7.3 with x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-100.14.19 runs fine at 1920x1200. Please post your working xorg.conf here.
External monitor Yesx11-drivers/nvidia-drivers-100.14.19: Tested with Sony MultiScan 17sf CRT.
vesafb Yesworking with size 1920x1200 and depth 32 with nvidia using a vga=893 kernel parameter. Append video=... parameter instead for vesafb-tng (not available for amd64).
Sound (snd_hda_intel) Yes>=kernel-2.6.23 has support for T61

Don't forget to press the physical Vol-up button to remove the hardware mute!

Multimedia keys Yes
Fn-Fx key combinations (thinkpad_acpi) Partial
BluetoothYesfollowed Gentoo Bluetooth Guide: pairing and file transfer worked with T-Mobile MDA 3.
Firewire (ieee1394)YesIncluded the standard kernel modules. Testing with an external hard drive
PCMCIA (yenta_socket)YesKernel modules needed. Tested with a NetGear 100 Mbit Network Adapter
IBM Harddisk Protection System PartialThe hdaps kernel module produced by tp_smapi will work, but you need to pass the invert=1 parameter when loading the module or all input will be inverted. Actually stopping the hard disk is untested. Edit: Latest version of hdaps provided by tp_smapi v0.33 will prevent hdaps module being loaded - so NOT currently supported
fingerprint readerYesWorks with sys-auth/thinkfinger. Configuration tips see ThinkWiki.
Internal modemUntested
Media card readerYesKernel Note: SDHCI has to be enabled, and then you'll get the option for the ricoh R5C832 reader driver. You'll also want to make sure you have File Systems->Native Language Support-> enabled for just about EVERY language in there to properly mount an SD card formated by a camera.

Booting from the Gentoo Live CD

You need the doscsi boot parameter, for access to the SATA Harddisk.

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