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This Guide aims to document the installation of Gentoo on a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 Tablet (aka. X61t), Model number 776294G, Order number UU394GE.


Stuff we're trying to get to work:

Booting Linux

Booting this baby is not as easy, since it does not feature any CD/DVD drive. I recommend buying an external USB drive or the UltraBase Docking station with the internal drive. If you don't have any of those yet, you can start right away with Network or USB boot.

I couldn't get the 2007.0 installer to work, but the 2006.0 worked like a charm. Just plug it into the X61 and tell it during startup to boot from the USB device.

Installing Gentoo

Clear the partition and create new partitions following the Handbook. You might want to have a read into using LVM or DM-Crypt and LUKS first.

Wireless LAN

See this guide.


See this guide.

Power Saving

Without optimizations the X61t will consume something about 12 to 16 Watts (depending on your workload). You can get down to (at least) 9.8 Watts by tuning your System (German Wiki about X61t) . This will give you about twice of your previous battery time!

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