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There are many reasons to want to limit the bandwidth usage of rsync. One is that if you're on a slower connection, pulling in a lot of files (especially if you haven't synced in a while) will take long. This can make browsing, using Bittorrent, or just about anything else network-related significantly slower.

Another reason is simply to be nice to everyone else on your network, especially in a populated environment, where updating your programs this minute may not be necessary, but your college mates need their research paper done ASAP.

Making the changes

In make.conf, set PORTAGE_RSYNC_EXTRA_OPTS using the rsync option --bwlimit=KBPS (see rsync(1) manual).

File: /etc/make.conf
# Lets not hog all the bandwidth possible, okay.
# --bwlimit is measured in KBPS.

And that's it!

If you want to limit the speed of regular merges, edit make.conf and look for FETCHCOMMAND and RESUMECOMMAND (you may need to manually add them). Change the value of --limit-rate=[KILOBYTES] to the desired maximum rate.

File: /etc/make.conf
# Using wget, ratelimiting downloads
FETCHCOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -t 5 --passive-ftp --limit-rate=15k \${URI} -P \${DISTDIR}"
RESUMECOMMAND="/usr/bin/wget -c -t 5 --passive-ftp --limit-rate=15k \${URI} -P \${DISTDIR}"
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