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nForce 2 MCP51 mother board with 2 ata, 4 sata and bluetooth
Realtek ALC883 Audio
GeForce 6150 LE builtin
AM2 socket (Athlon 64 X2)
4 DD2 slots
VIA Technologies FireWire (IEEE 1394) (OHCI)
Pioneer DVD-RW DVR-K06RS Slot-in
Philips eHome Infrared Transceiver
Weltrend DM-140GINK Demo LCD-display
Ralink 802.11 bg WLAN

Hardware Status Overview

Device Working Driver Comments
Processor Processor Image:Tick.png k8temp, processor
Drives and Storage Hard Drive Image:Tick.png sata_nv
DVD Optical Drive Image:Tick.png ide-cdrom
Firewire Image:Tick.png ohci1394
USB USB Image:Tick.png uhci, ehci
Graphics NVIDIA Image:Tick.png nvidia Only tried VGA-output.
Input Devices Keyboard Image:Tick.png keyboard
VFD Functions Keys Image:Tick.png
Networking Ethernet Image:Tick.png forcedeth
Wireless Ralink RT73 Image:Tick.png rt73
Bluetooth Bluetooth Image:Cross.png Tried hci_usb but it crashed with kernel 2.6.26-r1
Remote control Philips eHome Image:Tick.png lirc_mceusb2
Sound Sound Image:Tick.png snd_intel_hda Realtek ALC883 Audio

SD and MMC card readers ?
Sensors Hardware Sensors Image:Tick.png



The display seems to be a dm140. At the time of this writing (2008-09-21) lcdproc-0.5.2-r1 in the gentoo repository doesn't support dm140. If you are prepared to do a bit of manual labour you can get it running by following this simple guide.

If you're running freevo you may want to manually edit /usr/lib*/python2.5/site-packages/freevo/plugins/ The dm140 display sports 18 characters on 2 lines which isn't recognized by freevo's lcd plugin, so you might want to change the "16x2" entry to "18x2". It's an ugly workaround, but it works.

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