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screenshot of macmenu-applet
screenshot of macmenu-applet



macmenu-applet is an gnome-applet to give gnome the look&feel of macos by placing the menu of your programs in your panel. unfortunate it does not yet work with all programs, with firefox for instance the menu does not change and stays in the firefox-window.


For other themes, you can make the menubar thin (more accessible) by edit the /usr/share/themes/THEME_NAME/gtk-2.0/gtkrc, find the line style "menubar" {, and change the ythickness = XXX below it (inside the { and }) to ythickness = 0

Environment variable GTK_MENUBAR_NO_MAC let you set a list app executable names to disable mac menubar for, separated by space (default "gnome-panel acroread"). Set it to 1 to completely disable mac menubar.

If you have KDE apps, set mac-style menubar [control center -> desktop -> behavior] and you will see it appearing in gnome or xfce panel applet. (be careful - the menubars will die when panel/applet quits)

To move/remove the panel applets, move mouse to the rightmost place, where you'll see a flat button with no text inside, left-click on it to bring up the applet menu (right-click in xfce's panel plugin). If you have turned on the title label, you can also get the menu by right-click on it.

GTK+ 2.12

Not much is known for macmenu to work in gtk+-2.12. There is an alpha fix in xeffects forum posted by bitozoid.

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