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This is a bit outdated. New project is prefix and bootstrap howto for MacOS X. Feel free to stop by at Freenode / #gentoo-alt


Currently, Gentoo for Mac OS X is under heavy development. At the current stage, it is highly discouraged to use it if you're not an experienced UNIX user. If you would like to go ahead and install and use Gentoo for Mac OS X, please keep in mind that many things will probably not work (yet). If you would like to work on improving Gentoo for Mac OS X, please get involved and help us out. Gentoo on Mac OS X resides in an arbitrary prefix, similar to fink (/sw by default) or macports (/opt/local by default).

System Requirements

To use Gentoo for Mac OS, you must have Mac OS 10.3 or higher. In addition, you need to have installed the Xcode Developer Tools (version 2.4.1 or greater) which can be downloaded from the Apple Developer Connection member site (free membership required).

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