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While configuring FVWM, it's very useful to have rapid access to its manual pages. This page describes an addition to the menu that will provide such access. This example uses fvwm-crystal, but it should work the same with any FVWM config.


If you don't already have a User Recipe Menu for fvwm-crystal, just create it. To start, simply create the directory ~/fvwm-crystal/recipes and copy a recipe from /usr/share/fvwm-crystal/fvwm/recipe into this new directory. Whenever creating a new recipe such as this one, try to name it appropriately. Restart fvwm and you will get a new Fvwm-crystal/preferences/recipes/user-recipe menu with the renamed recipe in it.

Recipe Modification

Edit this recipe and add the following new section:

# ManPagesMenu
Include components/functions/FvwmManPagesMenu

Add the following in the menu section (I choose to add it immediately after the AddToMenu /FVWM-Crystal statement, but you may prefer another place):

+ '%22x22/fvwm-crystal/fvwm-crystal.png%$[gt.Help]' Popup FvwmManPagesMenu

FvwmManPagesMenu Component

We need to create a new component; FvwmManPagesMenu. It is included in the recipe by the preceding Include statement.

Create the directory ~/.fvwm-crystal/components/functions and add the following FvwmManPagesMenu in it:

File: ~/.fvwm-crystal/components/functions/FvwmManPagesMenu
# Add menu Fvwm man pages

DestroyFunc FvwmViewManPage
AddToFunc FvwmViewManPage
+ I Exec exec xterm -fg White -bg DarkBlue -g 80x40 -fn 7x14 -fb 7x14bold \
-n "Manual Page - $0" -T "Manual Page - $0" -e man "$0"

# FVWM Help Menu
DestroyMenu FvwmManPagesMenu
AddToMenu FvwmManPagesMenu "FVWM Man Pages" Title
+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm" FvwmViewManPage fvwm
+ "%menu/help.png%xpmroot" FvwmViewManPage xpmroot

+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmAnimate" FvwmViewManPage FvwmAnimate
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmAuto" FvwmViewManPage FvwmAuto
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmBacker" FvwmViewManPage FvwmBacker
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmBanner" FvwmViewManPage FvwmBanner
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmButtons" FvwmViewManPage FvwmButtons

+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmCommand" FvwmViewManPage FvwmCommand
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmConsole" FvwmViewManPage FvwmConsole
+ "%menu/" FvwmViewManPage
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmCpp" FvwmViewManPage FvwmCpp

+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmDebug" FvwmViewManPage FvwmDebug
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmDragWell" FvwmViewManPage FvwmDragWell
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmEvent" FvwmViewManPage FvwmEvent
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmForm" FvwmViewManPage FvwmForm
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmGtk" FvwmViewManPage FvwmGtk
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmGtkDebug" FvwmViewManPage FvwmGtkDebug
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmIconBox" FvwmViewManPage FvwmIconBox
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmIconMan" FvwmViewManPage FvwmIconMan
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmIdent" FvwmViewManPage FvwmIdent

+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmM4" FvwmViewManPage FvwmM4
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmPager" FvwmViewManPage FvwmPager
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmPerl" FvwmViewManPage FvwmPerl
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmProxy" FvwmViewManPage FvwmProxy
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmRearrange" FvwmViewManPage FvwmRearrange
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmSave" FvwmViewManPage FvwmSave
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmSaveDesk" FvwmViewManPage FvwmSaveDesk
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmScript" FvwmViewManPage FvwmScript
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmScroll" FvwmViewManPage FvwmScroll

+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmTabs" FvwmViewManPage FvwmTabs
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmTaskBar" FvwmViewManPage FvwmTaskBar
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmTheme" FvwmViewManPage FvwmTheme
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmWharf" FvwmViewManPage FvwmWharf
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmWinList" FvwmViewManPage FvwmWinList
+ "%menu/help.png%FvwmWindowMenu" FvwmViewManPage FvwmWindowMenu
+ "" Nop
+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-config" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-config
+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-perllib" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-perllib
+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-root" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-root

+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-bug" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-bug
#+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-convert-2.2" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-convert-2.2
+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-convert-2.4" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-convert-2.4
+ "" Nop
+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-menu-desktop" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-menu-desktop
+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-menu-directory" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-menu-directory
+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-menu-headlines" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-menu-headlines
+ "%menu/help.png%fvwm-menu-xlock" FvwmViewManPage fvwm-menu-xlock

That's all. Just start this recipe and enjoy your new Help menu.

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