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Please follow these guidelines when working on this wiki. Suggest improvements/changes on the Talk page.


There are several syntax references available:

Article Changes

If you have something to add to an article, just do it. However, if you're not sure or would like to discuss it first, you should post the addition on the article's Talk page under the same heading as in the article itself (if there isn't a relevant heading, make one up).


Comments or Summary

Please use edit comments (summary field) as often as possible. Even if it's a small and obvious change you should still tell us what it is.

If you're deleting content from an article, always state your reason for doing so. Otherwise, it looks like vandalism and will be reverted.


Sometimes some pages get spammed or vandalized. Usually, an admin will be around to revert the bad changes. However, if you wish, you can clean up the mess too. To revert spammer edits, click on the history link at the top of the page in question, then click on the date of the last good edit. You will be taken to the article as it was before it was spammed. Click the edit link and submit. This will make the last good version the newest one.

Do NOT simply highlight the spam and delete it. Spammers overwrite good content. If you just delete their changes, you won't restore the good content. If in doubt, just let the admins take care of it.

Announcing Reverts

Don't bother. Everyone can see what you reverted on the RC page.


When reverting, you don't need to use the following format of the summary:

Reverted edit of X, changed back to last version by Y.

You see a lot of these comments because admins have a special "rollback" link that automatically uses that kind of a message when reverting. You just need to say that you are reverting and state the reason for doing so. You can say something like this: "reverted due to spam".

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